Monday, May 2, 2011



It’s Election Day here in Canada.


  1. Very effective means of bringing attention to your topic. I clicked on the thumbnail to see what on earth you were on about!

    So ... fearless preciction ... Will there be a swing from Conservative to Liberal? Who do you want to win? How will the Greens fare?

  2. We're expecting a change in Government, either to Liberal or NDP (it's a little close to call).

    We're a Green household, but we realize that one may take awhile...

    Thanks for your interest, Julie!

  3. Ahha .. but that is not the way the cookie crumbled from what I am reading here in Oz. The Conservatives with an overflowing backbench, the Liberals relegated to the wilderness, and the NDP arising, but slowly.

    That is what I fear will happen here in 2013: the Conservatives (which we label Liberal ... sorry) in the ascendancy and the Progressives (Labor) routed. Conservatives can be sooo triumphal!!

  4. The results were a huge shock.

    Of course, historically, when a party wins a majority in one election, they nearly disappear in the next.

    Fingers crossed!


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