Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Weekly Breakfast Salsa Time Edition

It's Salsa Time!

This week’s breakfast was built around our friend Karen’s yummy homemade salsa.  Scrambled eggs, beans, rosti and bacon, all topped with summer in a jar.  Is there a better way to ignore the recent snows?


  1. Looks like another yummy, hearty breakfast! I noticed one of you like your coffee black, the other with cream! Ha!
    Bon appetit

  2. Mmmmm...! So it's safe for me to crack open a jar of the salsa then? Y'all were my guinea pigs!

    And school a girl. What's rosti?

  3. Leif - opposites do, indeed, attract!

    Karen - the salsa's perfectly safe (and tasty!)
    Rosti is a potato pancake made with shredded potatoes. See more here:


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