Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Music – The Tivoli Boy’s Guard Band

The Tivoli Boy's Guard Band

Stratford Summer Music is approaching its final weekend.  Yesterday’s free Barge Music concert was by the Tivoli Boy’s Guard Band.

They marched through town and down to the river and dazzled the crowd with their talent.  The oldest is sixteen, the youngest is eight!  The conductor is amazing.

Best part?  They’re appearing again at noon today.  And noon and three tomorrow.  Definitely worth getting out to see.

The City Daily Photo rule is ‘one and only one photo every day’.  So I’ve posted a slideshow here.


  1. Brilliant shot!
    I agree - they were FANTASTIC, and I hope many heed your advice to check them out!

  2. So young! Must be quite fun to watch and listen to. They look great in their spiffy uniforms. Haven't heard a marching band in ages.

    And don't worry about CDP's "one and only one" rule — it's not strict and many of us break it, not just every now and then, but quite often and some, habitually! :)

  3. Well, that's good to know Hilda! Sometimes there's just too much goodness...

    And thanks for the compliment, Janet. This one was fun to do!


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