Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tagging the Hydrants

Or maybe a protester, holding up a sign

Every year, in the fall, the city comes through and attaches these tags to the fire hydrants so they can be found easily in the middle of winter, no matter how much snow we get. Thankfully, they weren't actually necessary this year.

If you squint just a little, they kind of look like small children holding balloons...


  1. Small if oddly dressed children, Barb. But what a wonderful find on a drizzly February day.

  2. Very cool heart-shaped rainbow orb in the tree...is it the wine or do you see it too? Is it real?

  3. dr. d: welcome to my world, where all children are oddly dressed!

    Tanya: do you want it to be real? Or would you rather it be the wine?


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