Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stratford Daily Photo is Ready

It's Melting!!!!!!!!!!

We woke up to EVEN MORE SNOW this morning, so our big task for the day was to get the driveway cleared out so that the friends we've invited for dinner tonight will have a place to park their cars.

I am so grateful to the neighbour who came by with his snowblower for the last, deepest part of the driveway.  Because lifting a shovelful of heavy, wet snow up over your head repeatedly, while a great workout, is just not much fun.

But it's now pouring with rain, so the weather's sorted.  I just have to do a bit of cleaning, table-setting, helping with cooking....

Oh, yeah!  We're all set!

Wishing a very happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate. 

I'm taking a few days off, but I'll be back January 1 for Theme Day.



  1. That sure does look like hard work, Barb. I hope you had a lovely evening with your friends. I look forward to your January Theme Day post.

  2. Thanks so much, Julie. The dinner was wonderful.


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